Advanced Technology

Advanced technology enables us to give you the best service possible. We use every tool available to help improve procedures and make your visit as pleasant as possible. Here are some of the technologies at our disposal.

  • Digital X-Rays – Digital x-rays work like a traditional x-ray, providing an image of your bone and muscle structure to your dentist. However, with digital x-rays, there is less radiation, no need to wait for a film to develop, and the images are stored on a computer, making it easy to email where needed.
  • Intra-oral Cameras – An intra-oral camera is small and shaped like a pen. This camera is ideal for taking video images of what is happening in your mouth. That video is fed to a monitor that allows you to follow along with your dentist as he or she works.
  • Digital Impressions – Digital impressions are taken using intra-oral scanners. These impressions can then be emailed to laboratories where your dental pieces are created. This procedure is much more accurate and convenient than the traditional dental molds used in the past.

Technology That Helps You!

At The Steele Creek Dentist, we put our advanced technology to work for you. Our goal is to make every visit as effective and pleasant as possible. Come see what we can offer you. Call for your appointment today!