Baby Teeth Are A Big Deal: Pediatric Dentistry in Charlotte

Kid-friendly Carlotte dentist

How important are baby teeth? Why bother taking care of something that’s just going to fall out and be given to the tooth fairy? It’s a good question, and The Steele Creek Dentist in Charlotte has a good answer.

Baby teeth are more important than you might think. They’re needed to keep the proper amount of space available for the permanent teeth that will come in later. Without proper attention they can decay, just like adult teeth. And that could lead to gingivitis.

Baby teeth are also invaluable in the development of clear speech. This is especially important for Carlotte parents who are dying to know what their child means when they point to something repeatedly and say ‘scklash’ or ‘grag-grag’.

You can expect your baby to get his or her first tooth between the ages of six months and one year. That’s when we want to see them for their first checkup. Even if one tooth is barely showing, we like to examine it and the surrounding gum tissue, to make sure everything is developing as it should.

At The Steele Creek Dentist in Charlotte, we love seeing babies and toddlers, and their big brothers and sisters too. We provide pediatric dentistry, along with general and cosmetic dentistry. Make an appointment with us today.

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