Our Top Priority At The Steele Creek Dentist In Charlotte

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At The Steele Creek Dentist in Charlotte, our top priority has always been our patients, and nothing is ever going to change that. Not only do we want want each one of you to enjoy excellent dental health, we want you to have a positive experience in our office.

What do we mean by a positive experience? No one really enjoys going to the dentist, and we understand that. Most of the procedures we offer aren’t painful, but no one likes having a bunch of tools in their mouths. One of the things we always aim for is efficiency. Rest assured, we’ll be thorough. But we won’t have you in the chair any longer than is necessary.

We always want to get to know you as a person. We know there are practices that try to rush patients through a checkup like they’re a car going through a carwash. That is just not the way we do things. No one wants to be treated like they’re just another patient!

Above all, we will keep you fully informed about what we’re doing. There is time and expense involved in your appointments, and part of our job is explaining to you everything we’re doing. Dentistry is a science with a lot of big words, but we’ll always make sure you know what’s involved with your unique situation.

At The Steele Creek Dentist in Charlotte, each patient is our top priority. We want you to be happy with your experience here. Our services include general and cosmetic dentistry. Call us to schedule your next cleaning and checkup today!

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