Metal Braces

Why are straight teeth important? Chances are, when your teeth are crooked, your bite is out of alignment. Straight teeth are more than aesthetically pleasing. They help protect all your teeth from damage caused by an improper bite and the difficulty usually associated with cleaning some teeth during your brushing and flossing.


Orthodontics is a form of dentistry that focuses on the alignment of your teeth and jaw. Traditional metal braces are a form of orthodontic treatment that can help correct your alignment.

Why Use Traditional Metal Braces?

  • Stronger – Metal braces are generally stronger than aligners made out of plastic.
  • Shorter Treatment Time – Because you cannot remove your metal braces at will, it is harder to delay your treatment. A key to your treatment is the application of constant pressure used to shift your teeth. If you forget to wear your aligners, your treatment can be delayed. This is not typically an issue with metal braces.
  • Cost Effective – Traditional metal braces can be less costly when compared to other alignment treatments.
  • Effective for Complex Treatment – Some issues are more complicated than getting your crooked teeth straight. Many times, your orthodontist will recommend metal braces for complex and serious issues.

Will My Insurance Cover Traditional Metal Braces?

Some do! It really depends on your individual policy. We will be happy to look over your policy and discuss with you what is and is not covered.

What is the Process for Getting Metal Braces?

  • Consultation – The first step for any treatment is a consultation with your orthodontist. During this appointment, we may require x-rays. It is during this meeting where, together, we determine if metal braces are the best orthodontic treatment for you.
  • Application – We will be applying your metal brackets, wires, and other necessary hardware during this appointment. Please be aware, depending on your individual need, additional gear may be required.
  • Follow-Up Visits – We will need to see you on a regular basis. During these appointments, we check to make sure your teeth are straightening according to your treatment plan. We also tighten your braces, to continue adding the necessary pressure that causes the teeth to shift.

Are You Ready for a New Smile?

At The Steel Creek Dentist, we know the importance of a properly aligned bite. We take orthodontics seriously and are eager to use our experience to help you. Our orthodontists are ready for you! Call for your appointment today.