Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns (also known as “teeth caps”) and bridges work together to restore your smile. A dental crown is used to repair a tooth, protect the integrity of the tooth, and return it to full functionality. In other words, once you have a dental crown, you should be able to eat, talk, and smile as you normally would.

Bridges are used to replace missing teeth. They literally bridge-the-gap between existing teeth. Bridges are often secured using crowns.

Benefits of Crowns & Bridges

  • Protection – Dental crowns help protect the existing tooth. If you have a break in your tooth, a tooth crown may be the answer!
  • Prevent Crowding – Crowding can happen when you have lost a tooth. Your teeth begin shifting into the open space, changing the alignment of your bite. A bridge can stop your teeth from crowding.
  • Long-Lasting – Both tooth crowns and dental bridges can last years with good oral hygiene and maintenance.
  • Porcelain Crowns – Porcelain crowns are the most natural-looking crowns. The porcelain material looks the most like teeth enamel and is stain resistant!

How Can I Get a Crown or a Bridge?

  • Come in for your first visit. During your visit, we will determine if a crown or a bridge is right for you.
  • Preparing the tooth is next. The tooth may need to be reshaped for the crown/bridge.
  • Impressions are taken of your mouth. We may also need to take some x-rays. The impressions are used to create the dental work.
  • For traditional crowns and bridgework, we will make a follow-up appointment.
  • Once the pieces arrive, we will check the size/fit and then bond your dental work to your existing teeth.

A Smile You Can Show-Off!

At The Steele Creek Dentist, we know that a healthy-looking smile can do wonders for your self-confidence. We want to help you be proud enough to show off your teeth. Don’t wait another minute. Call today!